Chris Molton

I grew up in a small town, and after finishing high school, I went on to earn a degree at Penn State. My career in media and advertising  took a turn when I started doing photography. My hobby as a child soon became my new career, and I was working in cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles taking pictures for magazines and various companies for ad layouts that were seen around the world. I consider myself lucky because few people have the chance to have something they love to do become their career. 

My Goal

My goal when working with a client or model is to bring their image to life, and whenever possible, to do that in a way that is fun for those involved. Each assignment is different, and each model, actor, client, or individual is also unique, so I consider my job to be one of finding what makes them look best in the setting being used for their shoot. I don’t try to make anyone fit into a preconceived image in my mind; rather, I find the key to bring out the emotions in them that will result in an image as unique as they are.